Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale by Jane

Meet Florence


Invites you to

Hear her story

  Ask your questions



well traveled registered nurse,  will entertain and educate your  group  as  she shares,  in  character, the story of




LISTEN  to the background, struggles  and  triumphs.  Realize how nursing today is the  result  of  a determined lady   answering her call.

HEAR  why Miss Nightingale fought for a career for herself  and for other women.

LEARN  how her concepts first used in Victorian  days  remain current  for  students, health care providers,  health  maintenance organizations, mathematicians, architects, feminists, educators, and religious groups.

Use this opportunity to enlighten your members about a heroine in history who left us lessons for today.

Understand how one woman worked to serve others and to see that the work would be continued.

Appreciate the legacy left by a woman who

dared to rebel.

Let your group hear about this brilliant,

determined Victorian lady whose visionary

concepts are  still guiding

practices for  today and


Enjoy hearing her story, then

asking questions  of  Miss

Nightingale.  Close by asking

Jane  about  this fascinating


Popular program for conventions,  after dinner entertainment, health education conferences, women’s history studies, faith groups,  student classes or small assemblies.


“Will that old lady be coming  back  tonight?”  (6th grade student at Outdoor School.)

She really did  so much more than  nursing .”    (Researcher with CDC.) 

“I forgot it was you, Jane. I was listening to Florence.”  (School nurse friend of 20 years.)                                      


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